TN Photography was established in 2006.

LOCATION || Canberra/Sydney Australia (Available to travel nationally + worldwide)

PRIMARY ROLES || Photographer, Creative Director, Model/Talent Agent, Model Coach & Portfolio Development. 





|| ABOUT ||

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting my greatest passion in life. There is nothing that gives me greater joy than connecting with others and using the camera as a medium to capture a variety of images in the most authentic way. I have spent over fourteen years both learning and building on my craft as a professional photographer, working with businesses large and small as well as a range of people from all walks of life. I have had my work published all over the world, including on various billboards, on the cover of well-known magazines and in the windows of international brands.

My signature style can be seen as authentic, clean, commercial, high-end and minimalistic. In pre-production, I plan and visualise every element - how they fit together cohesively, what the intention and focal point are, how the elements enhance my client's personal and/or professional branding and whether the images suit the intended output.  In shooting, I aim to use all of my tools as a photographer (location, light, angles, composition, etc) to create the most powerful image in-camera. As I was initially trained in film photography (Bachelor of Photography, 2008) I have been taught to really understand the fundamentals of light and exposure. I bring this wealth of knowledge into the digital world. In post-production, I love to enhance what is already there but not to the point of complete distortion. I believe I have a balance of both creative and technical flare, as well as interpersonal communication skills to put my subjects at ease and create the most authentic result. 



Photography for me is much more than the click of a button. It is capturing a moment, forming a connection and using the camera as a medium to freeze time.

My intention in shooting stems far beyond capturing something that is aesthetically pleasing. The entire experience from start to finish is meaningful - and in sharing my craft with the world I am also giving the gift of experience.

My ultimate goal (apart from producing the best work I possibly can), is to help people see and love the beauty within themselves.

Client Testimonials - Coming soon. 


|| VALUES ||



Include the following but are not limited to:

Women's Health + Fitness May 2017 (Cover + Spread), Promo Magazine (Cover + Editorial + Interview) October 2017, Ellements Magazine (Editorials: Off Duty 2017, Submerge 2014) Stell Magazine (Slick Editorial 2015, Vanilla Skies Editorial 2017), Big Ink Magazine (Numerous Covers, Interviews and Editorials), Her Canberra Magazine (Editorials: Back to Basics 2017, Metallics 101 2017, Birds of Paradise 2015), Oxygen Magazine (Harriet Walker Feature), Astound Magazine (Numerous Editorials), Leiden Magazine (Contributor - numerous editorials), Coco Fashion Magazine (Spectrum Editorial 2017), In the City Magazine (Karen Lee Feature + Written Article), City News Cover + Feature March 2017 (Bianca Pavlic), City News Cover + Feature February 2015 (Jenna Douros), Trashion Magazine 2020 (Cover, Nothing Else Matters Editorial, Lost in Trashion Land Editorial, Jack of All Trades Editorial). 

To view these published pieces please click on this link.



CIT Success: Tina Nikolovski - Excite Magazine 2020 - Page 12
(Canberra Institute of Technology, Special Thanks Lesley Johnston)

A Day in the Life: Tina Nikolovski 2020 (Her Canberra) 

Blush Magazine UK - 'Inspirational Snaps' 2019 (By Jordan Martin)

Disability Review Magazine - 'The Arts Business is for Everyone' Page 16 (By Jordan Martin)

Promo Magazine -Q&A With Photographer | Founder & Director of Devojka Models Tina Nikolovski

From Amateur to Artist - short series screened at the Palace Electric Cinemas 2019. (By Julia Faragher)

The Fashion Vault '2016 Women to Watch' (By Daniella Jukic)

City News 'Most Successful Women in Business'

Big Ink Magazine - Devojka, An Interview (By Jessica Di Scipio)

Big Ink Magazine - Fashion Photographer: Tina Nikolovski (By Samara Gentle)

The City News - 'Through the Lens'

Canberra Makeup Academy MUA EDU Magazine

Bespoke Canberra



+ Graduation Speech for CIT Photography Graduates of 2017 - High Court of Australia
+ Graduation Speech for CIT Fitness and Forensics Graduates of 2016 - CIT Bruce
+ Seminar for Photography Students at the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) 2018 - CIT Reid
+ Judging Panel Fashfest 2016 + 2017 - National Convention Centre
+ Judging Panel, Co-Organiser + Sponsor of The Face of Alice Be Curious 2013 - Academy
+ Graduating Speech for CIT Photography Degree Graduates - White Walls Exhibition - High Court of Australia
+ Judging Panel (and Sponsor) for the first ever Danielle Cleary Events Modelling Competition 2017
+ Judging Panel (and Sponsor) for Danielle Cleary Events Competition 2018
+ Judging Panel for Miss Africa Canberra 2018 - Hellenic Club Canberra



I love working with all businesses great and small. Client work over the past 14 years can be found throughout my website. Clients include but are not limited to:

Women's Health + Fitness Magazine, ACT Policing, The Mark Agency, Thoroughbread Park, The Green Shed, FSW Shoes, Laing & Simmons, Geocon, Golds Gym Australia, HerCanberra, Hooray Magazine, Australasian Beauty Therapy Academy, Dance Central, The Floral Society, Dundasfit, Jenna Louise, Mussen Boutique, Karen Lee, The Beautique by Jessica Peris, OntheGo Sports, Fudie, Subsdance, Andie Meredith, Comptan, Enchante, CMA Training, Disney Couture, Completely Taylored, Territory Interiors, Moroccan Bronze, Bond Hair Religion, Southern Cross Health Club, Fernwood Fitness, Danielle Cleary Events.


Photo: Jenny Wu

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