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$175.00 AUD

As a professional photographer (14+ years) and an agency owner (5+ years), I am well-equipped to assist in any or all of the points below. The following feedback and direction can be delivered in a 60-minute phone, video or face-to-face chat to give you the ability to ask as many questions as you like during this time. 

With my expert advice, I have helped (and continue to assist) countless models gain acceptance into various agencies including but not limited to Devojka Models. I have also helped a number of models successfully represent themselves in a freelance capacity. I have coached models from the ground up, and some of the models I have scouted, developed and represented are now also signed to agencies such as: Viviens, Wink and Royalle; a few of the many examples. 

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+ Review of up to 40 images (supplied in advance via dropbox link)
+ I will select the top 10-15 for your portfolio (If I feel you need to diversify your portfolio by participating in further shoots I can discuss what to implement and the various ways you can do this). 
+ Based on your portfolio I will give detailed feedback of your strengths and weaknesses as a model, what to implement to develop & before submitting to agencies (if applicable), and any other feedback necessary to help you in the process of gaining access to an agency and/or making it as a freelance model, plus a few points of focus/direction for the next steps in your career. 

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+ Answer any questions about the nature of agencies/the industry as well as the differences between freelance vs. agency representation and the client market in Canberra specifically.

For example:

  • How does the industry work?
  • What do agents/clients look for in a model?
  • How do I get started?
  • How do I progress?
  • What do I need to know upon being booked for a job?
  • What should I charge for x,y,z?
  • What is a comp-card/ what are polaroids/why do I need them?
  • What is expected from a professional model?
  • Can you help me understand this deal memo/contract and the industry terminology? 
  • I have been modelling for a while and I want to progress, what should implement to achieve x,y,z?

The above are just examples of questions I regularly get asked as an agency owner, photographer and industry expert. I recommend that my clients write down as many questions as they like that are important to them prior to the booked session and we can go through them in order of priority. I normally start with the portfolio review, and then progress to the questions, however I'm happy to change the order if the model prefers. 

+ Answer any questions/provide further assistance into submissions processes for any agency. Happy to discuss the options in Canberra as well as some great agencies in Sydney and also recommend the right agency based on the model's look, location, and specific goals. 

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To book this session please follow through with this pay-pal button and I will be in touch with a date and time for your session. Please ensure you provide your current email at the time of processing. 

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Please note that whilst I am the founder and director of Devojka Models and will consider each and every model I work with for Devojka, I cannot guarantee a place for every client. This is a separate business and the agency has its own submissions process.

I will of course suggest the agency that is best suited to each individual model (within their best interest), based on their look/niche and goals.  If Devojka has a place open at the time of this session and if the model is suited and ready for representation, I will offer the model a place as I have done for many models.  

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