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$175.00 AUD

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be featured in a printed or online magazine?

I'm here to help turn this dream into reality! In the realm of modelling, published editorials are highly considered; especially within a model's portfolio. In order to gain acceptance, the editorial as a whole must be of a very high standard and fit certain criteria. I have had 14 years experience in knowing how to capture the best possible portfolios (and editorials) and I have a very high acceptance rate.

This product is an 'add-on' to my 'Premium Model Portfolio' package, and it gives the model the opportunity to be recognised in a worldwide capacity, both online and/or in print. I have had my model portfolios submitted and accepted to magazines such as:

PRINTED: Promo (New York), Salyse, Picton, Blush (UK), Man Magazine (UK), Creators, Stell (Australia), Big Ink (Australia), Ellements, Elegant, Astound (UK), Coco Magazine & ONLINE: Stell and Leiden Magazine.

To view these published editorials, click here


Ideally it is best if the model lets me know prior to the photoshoot that they would like me to 'submit' the images to magazine/s, as I will keep this in mind when planning, shooting and selecting/editing the top images. I need to ensure that the shoot is 'cohesive' and that it would work well as a published piece. I will always provide the client with proofs and my suggested selections prior to editing the finals, to ensure that the model is 100% happy with the chosen images. 


+ This add-on package option includes the submission of images to up to five magazines (print and/or online, always aiming for print magazines first.)

+ Digital Tear-sheets (if/when accepted and released)

So far out of over 100 models, I have been successful 100% of the time in gaining 'acceptance' to magazine publications. However, there is always a very slight chance that a magazine will not accept the spread within the 5 attempts. 

If I do not believe that the images are strong enough or meet magazine criteria I will let the model know before they select this option (note that I have never had to do this before as I have always been accepted to date). The rate above covers the time involved in submitting to <5 magazines.

Upon Acceptance:

I will notify the model upon acceptance. I will let the model know of the release date (as soon as this is given), and once released I will create digital tear-sheets for the model's portfolio. The model will also have the option of buying the printed magazine if this is applicable. I will send the purchase link to magazine once known.


Note that for this option to take place, the model must not share the images taken until the magazine's publish date. Magazines require exclusive content, and this process can sometimes take weeks to months. It is 100% worth the wait! 

Please use this paypal button to book this add-on, or email me at for any questions / if you prefer to pay with a supplied invoice. 

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