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$100.00 AUD

Gift Vouchers are a great idea for:

- Mother's/Father's Day

- Christmas

- Birthdays


Custom Gift Vouchers are available for any value between:


These amounts can go towards any of my packages (or a customised package).

To book your custom Gift Voucher, please email me at or fill out my contact form.

Please specify the following at the time of booking:

1.  Chosen amount (AUD)
2. Which type of shoot the recipient is likely to book
3. What you would like me to write on the voucher, for example: "Dear Jess, Happy 21st Birthday, Love Mum & Dad"

I will then get back to you with a high resolution Gift Voucher via email which you can print. Alternatively, I am able to print and post the voucher to you (pls supply full address and name). I will pick an image from my website that is appropriate for the type of shoot the recipient is likely to book (i.e. portraits, fashion, corporate, etc).


+ Vouchers valid for 18 months 
+ Vouchers can be put towards any of my packages at their value at the time of redemption. Customised packages are also available. 

Questions? Feel free to email me  at or fill out my contact form.

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